A private client wanted a small model of an owl. The figure was downloaded from a popular STL site with no copyright associated with it. The part was scaled to give the best size/cost ratio. It stands at 35mm high and the supply cost was £4.20 (raw state with supports).

Close-up of owl model’s eyes from 3d print.
Note how the layering lines are barely visible.

See the close up detail picture that shows how detailed the print is. The SLA process creates models with barely-visible layering lines. If this were built with the cheaper FDM process the layering would be far more prominent.

3d owl model with supports ready to print.
Minimal supports on this birdie.

This part took around 2 hours to build and has minimal supports so was quite easy to clean up. Parts can be supplied unfinished or with the supports removed. You can keep costs down if you are prepared to do a bit of finishing yourself.